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Stories of Schools Connecting Internationally

Find a School

To tell a story about global connections use any of the fields below to find the school involved.

How to get involved

Simple 3 step process:

  1. First, Login. Visitors who have yet to register for an account may visit our registration form.

  2. Locate your school, using the search form on the left side of any page.

  3. Click the Share Your Story link on the left side of the school's page. Share your story and if you have one a supporting photo and/or video.

Why participate?

This project relies on the support of our partners and other visitors like yourself. Despite the importance of global competency and engagement, many US teachers are not aware of the many options for introducing their students to global issues, world languages, online international interaction and physical exchanges. By telling stories of what schools are already doing, additional teachers across the country can learn about specific examples and work with partner organizations to replicate the successes. Other teachers want to hear your stories!
See the introduction video of Connect All Schools

Becoming a partner organization

We welcome the participation of other organizations wishing to support this project. To become a partner fill out our partner application. Any partnerships will be reviewed by a current consortium member, prior to approval. We look forward to your partnership.