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Stories of Schools Connecting Internationally

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Sponsors and Supporters

US Department of Education The US Department of Education is a partner in this initiative. Karen Cator, Head of the Office of Educational Technology shared the Department's vision of how the initiative supports Department of Education priorities, both in terms of 21st century skills and the role that technology can play to meet the initiative's goal at the launch of Connect All Schools on March 19, 2011.


US Department of State The US Department of State is a partner in this initiative because it supports the Department's vision of the role that smart power and public diplomacy can play in furthering mutual awareness and citizen-to-citizen relations between the US and countries around the world. Qatar Foundation International

Qatar Foundation International (QFI) is a private U.S. foundation established on the principle that education can transform for the better individual lives, communities, and nations. Our mission is to promote education as a force that builds strong local communities, facilitates collaboration across geographical, social, and cultural boundaries, and builds a network of global citizens who communicate effectively and work together to find solutions to pressing global problems. QFI will implement this mission through innovative educational and volunteer programs, which inspire lasting exchanges of experience and knowledge. Our programmatic focus is on interrelated issues of global importance: education, community engagement, technology, and health. QFI’s vision is of a world that embraces and respects diversity, values lifelong learning, and empowers individuals to take action to shape their future.

Organizations that encourage international exchange and education, but do not initiative programs on their own are major supporters of the Connect All School Initiative. Such organizations include the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET) and the Alliance for International Education and Cultural Exchange.