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Stories of Schools Connecting Internationally

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Youth Service America

The goal of the GYSD Learning Exchange is to pair a U.S. organization, school, or youth involved in GYSD activities with an organization, school, or youth in another country engaged in service projects. When service and intercultural learning are combined, young people contribute their time and talent from the perspective of their own diverse backgrounds. Cooperating with youth from other countries, regions, or communities of the world can result in dialogue, mutual understanding and conflict prevention, and allows youth around the world to uncover and address increasingly complex local, national and global problems. Such opportunities contribute to the development of civic responsibility among youth in partnering communities throughout the world.

Project organizers or young people interested in connecting with youth in other parts of the world have the option of initiating a learning exchange by identifying a project, organization or country on our Global Youth Service Day map with which they wish to connect, or they can enroll online and have a YSA staff member match them to an organization outside of the U.S. that also has expressed interest in initiating a partnership.

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